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Having years of experience as an entertainer, with a special focus on weddings, Dave Miller is well prepared, and has the passion, to provide the kind of wedding ceremony officiating, that you expect and deserve.

Serving Northern New Jersey with personal service to hundreds of satisfied clients, and operating under these three business names:

Reverend Dave Miller - 973-896-7905
Providing Wedding Ceremony Officiating, with the option of Ceremony Music. www.ReverendDaveMiller.com

DJ Teddy Bear - 973-896-7905
Providing Entertainment for events other than weddings. www.DJTeddyBear.com

Dave Miller Gaming  LLC
  Dave Miller Gaming LLC is one of Dave's other interests. The company creates casino table games and side bets, currently with two offerings. Click either logo for more infomation.
  Players bet that the card rank(s) they choose will be among three cards selected. A unique feature, one player selects the three cards used to determine the outcome. 
  Also offering a side bet, similar to Three Card Poker side bets, but with a jackpot that can be progressive.
  Have you ever looked at a Roulette history display and said, "Wow, look at that..."?
  With Poker For Roulette, you can place a bet that the outcome will invoke that kind of response. It will have some combination that looks like a poker hand - pairs, straights, or three of a kind. 0 and 00 are wild.
  The payouts can be configured to work with Single or Triple Zero wheels, and can have a jackpot or progressive jackpot.

  Dave Miller Entertainment
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